DESCRIPTION	       	  	       UNIT	          PRODUCT CODE
Workhorse Wipers 15x16       300 Per   1 Case	          WIP-0438
Kimwipes	                       1 Case	          WIP-0439
6304 Heflon                            1 Case	          WIP-0440
White Knit Wipers                      1 Box	          WIP-0441
Terry Towel                            1 Doz.	          WIP-0442
Treated Dust Cloth                     1 Doz.	          WIP-0443
Disp. Treated Dust Cloth      50 Per   1 Pk.	          WIP-0444

*NA= Not Available
Prices vary due to constant changes by our suppliers. Prices are available upon confirmation of order
Shipping Charges to be added upon confirmation of order

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