Sponges & Feather Dusters

DESCRIPTION	       	  	        UNIT	          PRODUCT INQUIRY

Cellulose Sponge			1 Ea.	          SPO-0346
Scrub Sponge				1 Pkg.	          SPO-0347
Soot Sponge Unger			1 Ea.	          SPO-0348
Stainless Steel Sponge Ex Large		1 Doz.	          SPO-0349
Chamios Lamb Skin			1 Ea.	          SPO-0350
# 18 Feather Duster Ex Large		1 Ea.	          SPO-0351
Lambs Wool Extension Duster 30" to 42"	1 Ea.	          SPO-0352
Lambs Wool Extension Duster 30" to 60"	1 Ea.	          SPO-0353
18" Lambswool Applicator Complete	1 Ea.	          SPO-0354
18" Lambswool Refill			1 Ea.	          SPO-0355
18" Wooden Block Only			1 Ea.	          SPO-0356
18" Synthetic Lambswool Refill		1 Ea.	          SPO-0357

*NA= Not Available
Prices vary due to constant changes by our suppliers. Prices are available upon confirmation of order
Shipping Charges to be added upon confirmation of order

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