DESCRIPTION	       	  	        UNIT	 	  PRODUCT CODE

Latex Ex Gloves		100 Per		1 Box	 	  GLO-0452
Leather Palm Gloves Mens Large		1 Pair	 	  GLO-0453
Yellow Rubber Gloves 			1 Pair	 	  GLO-0454
Large Whizard Safety Glove		1 Ea.	 	  GLO-0455
24 Ply Twine				1 Spool	 	  GLO-0456
Floor Tabs 1/4				1 Ea.	 	  GLO-0457
Floor Tavs 7/8				1 Ea.	 	  GLO-0458
Caution Tape		3" X 1000	1 Roll	 	  GLO-0459

*NA= Not Available
Prices vary due to constant changes by our suppliers. Prices are available upon confirmation of order
Shipping Charges to be added upon confirmation of order

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